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Seven Connecticut Veterinarians Disciplined Since 2011


Their patients can’t talk, but it doesn’t mean that Connecticut’s 1,345 licensed veterinarians get a free pass when they are negligent.

A review of Connecticut Health Department records by shows that seven veterinarians were disciplined so far this year and in 2011 following complaints – mostly from pet owners.

Also, one Farmington resident, who was caught practicing veterinary medicine illegally was issued a cease and desist order.

Another 30 complaints against veterinarians are now under investigation, according to Health Department spokesman William Gerrish.

While the state Health Department’s website does list the veterinarians who are disciplined, the media normally only covers medical doctors who are disciplined and not veterinarians, who therefor fly under the radar.

You can check to see if your vet has been disciplined by going on line to the following state health department websites: ; which lists all professionals licensed by the state health department and includes notes on those that have been disciplined. , which lists all veterinarians disciplined between May 2012 and March 2009.

Based on documents obtained from the health department the following veterinarians were disciplined so far this year:

Dr. Teresa Love Willington

Dr. Stacey Kasperzak of Somers

Dr. Steven S. Leshem of West Hartford

Dr. Ronald Maier of Waterbury

The following were disciplined in 2011:

Dr. Jennifer Carolan of Washington Depot

Dr. Ralph Padilla of West Haven

And Dr. Neil Wolff of Greenwich

Also last year, the state Health Department ordered Shachine Belle to stop practicing veterinary medicine as she is unlicensed.



The most serious charges and action involved Dr. Love, whose license was revoked last summer after she failed to follow the conditions of her five year probation, according to state Health Department records. Teresa Love, DVM – 2012 FINAL.pdf

The records say she was placed on probation last year because of her “admitted history of emotional disorders and/or utilization of controlled substances to excess.”

The department found that Dr. Love in 2007 attempted to commit suicide by injecting herself with pet medication from her practice.

While admitting to some of the charges against her, Dr. Love asked to be allowed to continue her practice.

However, state Health Department officials rejected her requested because of “evidence demonstrating that Respondent abused controlled substances, failed to maintain proper control and accountability for controlled substances, violated the Consent Order by testing positive for morphine and working as a veterinarian when she was supposed to refrain from doing so and otherwise conducted herself in a manner suggesting that she is unfit to practice veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Kasperzak was accused of contributing to the death of Cuddles, an 18-year-old cat, by his clinic failing to warn her owner of the risks of anesthesia in an older cat. Cuddles was brought to the clinic in 2008 for teeth cleaning, which is normally done under anesthesia, and the cat died soon after while still at the clinic.

Dr. Kasperzak was given six month probation.

Dr. Leshem was accused of failing to provide proper care after surgery for Sweet Pea, a cat, in 2010. The cat need to have a limb amputated, the Health Department investigation concluded, because the cat was first seen by the veterinarian 12 days after the operation and the bandage was too tight.

“This is not what the consultant (investigator) would expect of a veterinary practice, especially a specialty practice. The consultant is sorry to report that there is no excuse for this outcome.”

Dr. Leshem was reprimanded and fined $1,000.

Dr. Maier was accused of failing to keep proper records as state health department officials were unable to verify that proper treatment was provided to a dog and cat, both of whom died soon after treatments.

Dr. Maier was placed on probation for six months.

Dr. Carolan was reprimanded and fined $2,260 for practicing veterinary medicine after her license expired and before she renewed it.

Dr. Padilla was reprimanded, placed on one year probation and fined $5,000 after being found to keep inadequate medical records in the treatment of a 19-year-old car, Bobby, and of adding data to the records a year after treatment in 2008.

It was the second time that Dr. Padilla was found to have kept inadequate records.


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